EDB Postgres Platform

Liberating enterprises from expensive DBMS to drive digital business

To support customers in their quest to become digital businesses, EDB delivers EDB Postgres. EDB Postgres is more than a DBMS – it’s a data platform to enable enterprise core IT DBMS transformation at scale to drive digital business. EDB Postgres provides a full commercial platform of products, support, training and services so that enterprises can reduce risk and make maximum use of Postgres across their organizations to drive transformation.

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The organization looks to you to provide the new line-of business applications and underlying technology to gain an edge in the market and remain relevant against new competitors and threats. You’re measured on having the responsiveness needed to enable new services and deliver a quick time to value. With the continual threat of Shadow IT and need to attract and retain top talent, it’s more important than ever for your group to be perceived as a source of innovation and thought leadership. It’s imperative that you meet the nearly instant expectations of today’s consumers and business leaders

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