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By Gary Carter, Jan 15, 2016
With nearly 10 million downloads over the past five years, Postgres is the leading enterprise open source database. In a report
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By Bobby Bissett, Aug 26, 2015
EDB Failover Manager 2.0, released in June, included several changes from 1.X. The user's guide contains
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By Vibhor Kumar, Aug 13, 2015
Security has always been a great concern of Enterprises. Especially, if you have crucial information stored in the database, you would always prefer to have high security around it. Over the years, technologies have evolved and provided better solutions around it. If you have very sensitive information, people try to keep ...
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By Jamey Hanson, Jul 27, 2015
NOTE:  This post uses a subset of ~10,000 JSON song files from the Million Song Database (MSD) project. Beware, this is a fun and addictive dataset to work with JSON ...
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By Abbas Butt, Jun 26, 2015
Back in March, we wrote about the advances EnterpriseDB was working on to make Postgres Plus Advanced Server compatible with XA interface. If you recall, “the purpose of XA compatibility is to support ...
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By Ahsan Hadi, Mar 25, 2015
This blog was co-authored by Abbas Butt The research and development team in EnterpriseDB has been working hard in recent months on a solution for XA compatibility. The goal is to make our database, Postgres Plus Advanced Server compatible with the XA standard so it works with commercially available transaction ...
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By Vibhor Kumar, Dec 10, 2014
In the course of my work at EnterpriseDB, migrating Oracle databases to EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server is a common task. However, now and then we encounter unique situations. While working on a migration project recently, we encountered a new use case for RLS (Row level Security). The customer had a ...
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By Keith Alsheimer, Dec 05, 2014
The adoption of Postgres within existing database infrastructures is rising, posing new questions and challenges for even veteran database professionals. At EnterpriseDB, we’re seeking to share stories from PostgreSQL users on their experiences, surprises and challenges. Locately is a full-service shopper insights firm ...
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By Marc Linster, Oct 14, 2014
If you are a Postgres fan, and not living under a rock the past few months, then you have heard the buzz about JSONB coming to PostgreSQL 9.4. You may have also seen code samples that show how easy it is to create a document database in Postgres using JSON/JSONB. And you might have read about performance benchmarks that show ...
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By Debra Brucato, Aug 04, 2014
EnterpriseDB has created a new five-day, instructor-led Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) database administration training course. Attendees will learn all of the essential techniques on how to design, implement and manage Postgres Plus Advanced Server. The class is designed to prepare students for our ...
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By Keith Alsheimer, Jun 20, 2014
It’s called the brain of the database. The optimizer in PostgreSQL interprets SQL queries and determines the fastest method of execution. That’s according to Bruce Momjian, EnterpriseDB senior database architect and co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Bruce delved into the PostgreSQL optimizer during the ...
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By Keith Alsheimer, Jun 06, 2014
Our own Noah Misch gave a comprehensive presentation on the operator class facility during the recent PG Con conference. Held last month in Ottawa, PG Con is one of the biggest events for the PostgreSQL community and Noah, a database architect here at EnterpriseDB as well as a committer, drew some buzz for his smart talk on the ...
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By Marc Linster, Apr 16, 2014
Our record-shattering growth in 2013 has given us a host of new users, both organizations new to Postgres and experienced users expanding their deployments across their enterprise. This range of new users has different needs. Users new to Postgres need advice and guidance that mirror the steps they’re taking as they are getting ...
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By Robert Haas, Apr 16, 2014
Last month, ZDNet published an interview with MongoDB CEO Max Schireson which took the position that the document databases, such as MongoDB, are better-suited to today's applications than traditional relational databases; ...
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By Robert Haas, Mar 31, 2014
Last week, I attended the Linux Storage, Filesystems, and Memory Management summit (LSF/MM) on Monday and Tuesday, and the Linux Collaboration Summit (aka Collab) ...
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