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By Sandra Wiecki, Jul 15, 2016
With digital transformation, software has become the most important tool to attract, keep and grow customer accounts. For a company to stay competitive in a market, its digital ...
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By Jamey Hanson, Mar 28, 2016
Today’s connected enterprise requires a single database that can handle both structured and unstructured data efficiently and that adapts dynamically to swiftly changing and ...
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By Jamey Hanson, Mar 03, 2016
Adoption of document databases is growing rapidly in response to the need for solutions that can handle large volumes of data. These solutions are adept at handling non-relational ...
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By Jamey Hanson, Jul 27, 2015
NOTE:  This post uses a subset of ~10,000 JSON song files from the Million Song Database (MSD) project. Beware, this is a fun and addictive dataset to work with JSON ...
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By Pierre Fricke, Jun 15, 2015
Industry conferences and events are a great opportunity for professionals, analysts, users and developers to network and engage, and PGCon is no exception. It gets under way this week with lectures, workshops and tutorials at the University of Ottawa June 16-20. EnterpriseDB is deeply ...
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By Marc Linster, Feb 03, 2015
Standalone NoSQL database solutions are easy to use, fast to deploy, and make getting an application up and running a piece of cake. That’s the sweet part though. What comes later, however, is a bellyache of solution management challenges, risks to data integrity and a loss of control in the data environment. ...
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By Marc Linster, Jan 30, 2015
Two years ago, my colleague Bruce Momjian wrote that relational databases would adapt to emerging database demands and incorporate the capabilities that emerging standalone NoSQL solutions provided. He has been proven correct with the expanded capabilities in Postgres alone with recent releases ...
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By Vibhor Kumar, Dec 03, 2014
PLV8 is a programming language that lets users write stored procedures and triggers in JavaScript and store them in their Postgres database. This allows application programmers to write a lot of their server-side programming in the same language they use to build their web client applications.  Fewer languages to learn usually ...
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