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By Robert Haas, Apr 01, 2015
PostgreSQL has three shutdown modes: smart, fast, and immediate.  For many years, the default has been "smart", but Bruce Momjian has just committed a patch to change the default to "fast" ...
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By Robert Haas, Mar 18, 2015
Amit Kapila and I have been working very hard to make parallel sequential scan ready to commit to PostgreSQL 9.5.  It is not all there yet, but we are making very good progress.  I'm very grateful to everyone in the PostgreSQL community who has helped us with review and ...
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By Amit Kapila, Mar 18, 2015
Database Management Systems uses MVCC to avoid the problem of Writers blocking Readers and vice-versa, by making use of multiple versions of data. There are essentially two approaches to multi-version concurrency. Approaches for MVCC The first approach is to store multiple versions ...
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By Gary Carter, Feb 18, 2015
The newest release of Postgres Plus from EDB is a serious game changer for DBAs and organizations running mixed workloads on their mission critical systems. Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4 now features the ability to prioritize enterprise workloads to prevent a single job or group of jobs from monopolizing system CPU or I/O ...
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By Bruce Momjian, Feb 01, 2015
As a followup to my scaling talk, I have written a draft of another talk, The Future of Postgres Sharding. It starts by explaining the advantages of sharding as a scaling option. It then covers future enhancements ...
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By Amit Kapila, Jan 27, 2015
In PostgreSQL 9.5, we will see a boost in scalability for read workload when the data can fit in RAM. I ran a pgbench read-only load to compare the performance difference between 9.4 and HEAD (
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By Robert Haas, Dec 22, 2014
It's been over a year since I last blogged about parallelism, so I think I'm past due for an update, especially because some exciting things are happening. First, Amit Kapila has published a
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By Jason Davis, Oct 28, 2014
EnterpriseDB (EDB) has received many questions regarding our support of a new PostgreSQL feature under development named BDR (Bi-Directional Replication). This blog post is intended to help Postgres users better understand this feature and their choices for Postgres replication solutions, including our own EDB xDB Replication ...
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