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By Matt Cicciari, Apr 29, 2016
Database reliability is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity. And your database disaster recovery (DR) plans are a key part of keeping your business systems ...
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By Matt Cicciari, Apr 20, 2016
Noted psychologist Noel Burch developed a model called the “
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By Matt Cicciari, Feb 22, 2016
Smart organizations taking on a new project don’t try to go it alone – they recognize when outside help can provide the guidance needed to meet and exceed their ...
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By Debra Brucato, Jan 16, 2015
EnterpriseDB has recently experienced a surge in demand for Postgres training, with a 26% increase in participants over the last year alone. This reflects not only the expansion of EDB’s end user base, but also the rising interest in Postgres in the industry overall. More and more large enterprise customers want to use ...
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By Fred Dalrymple, Oct 23, 2014
The rapidly growing adoption of cloud database services demonstrates how the platform can satisfy the needs of a variety of different users and workloads. Postgres is the leading enterprise-class open source alternative to proprietary relational database products, both on-premise and in the cloud. Advances over the past three years ...
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By Fred Dalrymple, Oct 01, 2014
Cloud database services have been around for years, but have mostly been limited to test and development environments. However, organizations are now embracing databases in the cloud for a range of workloads, transforming the infrastructure landscape as cloud-based applications support more and more operational and specialized ...
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By Marc Linster, May 26, 2014
That famous journey began simply—just follow the yellow brick road. But as we all learned, that pretty little lane entered some pretty challenging territory pretty quickly. 
The same is true for database administrators on the road to building more sophisticated environments to support their new Postgres deployments. More ...
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By Marc Linster, May 07, 2014
Pay a visit to Pit Row at a race like the Daytona 500 and you’ll find teams crawling around the stock cars carrying bolt blasters, socket wrenches and super-sensitive listening devices. In the data center, the database administrator setting up his first Postgres database does much the same kind of work though the hotrod is the ...
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By Marc Linster, Apr 30, 2014
This may come as surprise to users new to Postgres but your biggest challenge in deploying Postgres for the first time may be your operating system, not learning the ins and outs of your new database. Those of you who still have hair may end up snatching yourselves baldheaded trying to maneuver the quirks and kinks of your OS even ...
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By Marc Linster, Apr 16, 2014
Our record-shattering growth in 2013 has given us a host of new users, both organizations new to Postgres and experienced users expanding their deployments across their enterprise. This range of new users has different needs. Users new to Postgres need advice and guidance that mirror the steps they’re taking as they are getting ...
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