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By Thom Brown, Mar 25, 2016
PostgreSQL 9.6 is shaping up to be an impressive release, so I thought I'd try to summarise some of the big features and improvements that it will bring. This certainly won't ...
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By Pierre Fricke, Jun 15, 2015
Industry conferences and events are a great opportunity for professionals, analysts, users and developers to network and engage, and PGCon is no exception. It gets under way this week with lectures, workshops and tutorials at the University of Ottawa June 16-20. EnterpriseDB is deeply ...
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By Marc Linster, Feb 03, 2015
Standalone NoSQL database solutions are easy to use, fast to deploy, and make getting an application up and running a piece of cake. That’s the sweet part though. What comes later, however, is a bellyache of solution management challenges, risks to data integrity and a loss of control in the data environment. ...
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By Amit Kapila, Jan 27, 2015
In PostgreSQL 9.5, we will see a boost in scalability for read workload when the data can fit in RAM. I ran a pgbench read-only load to compare the performance difference between 9.4 and HEAD (
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By Doug Hunley, Jan 13, 2015
When a well-prepared DBA begins to consider their Postgres rollout, they should think about their database strategy sooner rather than later. Thinking about key database variables and questions in advance will give you the inside knowledge you need to make you the IT hero as you reveal a solid deployment plan that directly ...
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By Doug Hunley, Jan 09, 2015
Before you begin a Postgres deployment, it is crucial to think about your database strategy sooner rather than later. Neglecting to do so can result in misallocated resources, limited ability to change, or worse, critical data loss as a result of an outage or disaster. By taking the time to think about some key database ...
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By Jason Davis, Nov 04, 2014
This blog was co-written by Ahsan Hadi. The idea of ‘horizontal scalability’ was discussed in great detail at PGCon 2014 in Ottawa this year. It is great to see the community discussing ideas on how PostgreSQL can incorporate horizontally scalable features into the core of the database. Although ...
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By EnterpriseDB Author, Jul 23, 2014
I am glad to announce the beta release of TPC-C.js, which implements one of the most popular database benchmarks, TPC-C. It’s not a coincidence that today is also the 22nd anniversary of the TPC-C ...
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By Robert Haas, Mar 13, 2014
Yesterday, Heikki Linnakangas committed this patch: commit a3115f0d9ec1ac93b82156535dc00b10172a4fe7 Author: Heikki Linnakangas Date:   Wed Mar 12 22:46:04 ...
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By Bruce Momjian, Mar 01, 2014
I just attended and presented at ConFoo, where I always learn new things. This year, the best talk I attended was by our own
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By Dave Page, May 27, 2010
I've been asked a few times recently for my opinion on VoltDB, the new database server architected by the 'father' of Postgres, Dr Michael Stonebraker so rather than repeating myself over and over again it seems like a good idea to write it all down. VoltDB is an ...
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