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By Matt Cicciari, Sep 30, 2016
If your IT group is like most, there is never idle time when it comes to technology demands from the organization. Keeping up can be a real burden – do any of these sound ...
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By Pierre Fricke, May 25, 2016
Intelligent, customer-facing applications; analytics; ecosystem-level intelligence that leverages the Internet of Things – these strategic initiatives bring better ...
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By Gary Carter, Nov 23, 2015
Open source software has been saving organizations money for years in operating systems with Linux, in the middleware layer with tools like JBoss, and virtualization with Xen and other options. These IT organizations embarked on these journeys to open source alternatives to reconfigure IT spending and improve their agility to drive ...
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By Pierre Fricke, Oct 12, 2015
Most IT organizations have made large investments in infrastructure and applications that have been running the business for years. Keeping this infrastructure costs a lot of money, perhaps up to 80% of an IT budget. To make things worse, some vendors, notably leading database vendors, employ sophisticated strategies to lock you into ...
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