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Amit Kapila, Database Architect

Amit Kapila is a Database Architect at EnterpriseDB, working with both open source PostgreSQL and EDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Over a more than 14-year career, he has developed deep expertise in PostgreSQL, Oracle, and in-house in-memory databases. Amit participates actively in developing PostgreSQL and reviewing new features. He has also worked on integrating in-memory storage Engine, integrated the Redo-Replication solution to PostgreSQL-based code, and improved the Oracle performance by doing statement caching.

Amit Kapila, May 20, 2016
The last five years have produced a significant increase in global organizations deploying Postgres across their organizations and calling for higher performance as they discovered the ...
Amit Kapila, Dec 14, 2015
This post originally appeared on Amit Kapila's personal blog.  Parallelism is now a reality in PostgreSQL.  With 9.6, I hope we will see many different forms of queries that can use parallelism ...
Amit Kapila, Mar 18, 2015
Database Management Systems uses MVCC to avoid the problem of Writers blocking Readers and vice-versa, by making use of multiple versions of data. There are essentially two approaches to multi-version concurrency. Approaches for MVCC The first approach is to store multiple versions ...
Amit Kapila, Jan 27, 2015
In PostgreSQL 9.5, we will see a boost in scalability for read workload when the data can fit in RAM. I ran a pgbench read-only load to compare the performance difference between 9.4 and HEAD (

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