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Bobby Bissett, Cloud Architect

Bobby Bissett is the lead architect for EnterpriseDB Failover Manager. Bobby worked at Sun Microsystems on various technologies in Java, Enterprise Edition, almost since the inception of the platform. After being acquired by Oracle, Bobby joined EnterpriseDB to work on the Postgres Plus Cloud Database.

Bobby Bissett, Oct 06, 2016
High availability means keeping the enterprise’s critical data infrastructure running well with virtually no downtime, and ensuring the database infrastructure’s ability to ...
Bobby Bissett, Sep 24, 2015
We've posted two new videos about installing EDB Failover Manager and starting a new EFM cluster. The first video shows the installation and ...
Bobby Bissett, Aug 26, 2015
EDB Failover Manager 2.0, released in June, included several changes from 1.X. The user's guide contains
Bobby Bissett, May 21, 2013
I finally have a chance to look at Vaadin version 7 now, which is already up to v7.0.6 (nice work team!). There is a wealth of information from Vaadin about the changes and migration path, but I'm skipping all that and jumping right to examples as an experiment. Thus, my first blog ...
Bobby Bissett, Jun 08, 2012
The Refresher add-on for Vaadin refreshes the UI without user input, allowing it to display information that has changed asynchronously on the server. It adds an invisible component to the client web page which polls the server for ...

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