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Dick Dowdell is a Senior Architect, xDB Replication Server at EnterpriseDB. He has more than 40 years experience designing and building enterprise software. Dick joined EDB in March 2015. He had spent several years as a senior developer, consulting with various enterprises in the cable television, financial services and aerospace industry. He was founder, CEO and Chief Architect of Concorde Software and Director of Research and Development of McCormack & Dodge. He has held posts at Active Endpoints, Argosy Solutions, InnerWireless, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Blue Dolphin Group. He studied biology at Brown University and was a Captain in the US Army. 

Dick Dowdell, Nov 06, 2015
The only data structure recognized in traditional SQL databases was the row, and repeating groups were extracted into child rows linked through foreign keys.  It worked well but could be somewhat artificial and cumbersome for programmers.  With more powerful processors and plentiful memory, today’s SQL DMBSs have ...
Dick Dowdell, Nov 04, 2015
Common practice in relational database design is to utilize a non-repeating, ordered series of integers for primary keys (PK) and by extension, foreign keys (FK).  This practice has worked so well and efficiently for database designers that all commercially viable RDBMSs provide some means of automatically generating ...

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