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Jamey Hanson is a PostgreSQL data architect who specializes in integrating PostgreSQL with NoSQL and other non-traditional relational data structures.  He is also exploring large-scale analytics with PL/R.  Jamey has presented at multiple PostgreSQL conferences and is a reformed Oracle developer.  He works for EnterpriseDB partner Freedom Consulting Group in Columbia, MD migrating U.S. Government applications from Oracle to PostgreSQL and EDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Jamey Hanson, Mar 28, 2016
Today’s connected enterprise requires a single database that can handle both structured and unstructured data efficiently and that adapts dynamically to swiftly changing and ...
Jamey Hanson, Mar 03, 2016
Adoption of document databases is growing rapidly in response to the need for solutions that can handle large volumes of data. These solutions are adept at handling non-relational ...
Jamey Hanson, Jul 27, 2015
NOTE:  This post uses a subset of ~10,000 JSON song files from the Million Song Database (MSD) project. Beware, this is a fun and addictive dataset to work with JSON ...

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