Author Archive: Thom Brown
Thom Brown, Principal Systems Engineer

Thom is a Principal Systems Engineer at EnterpriseDB, providing advanced support, training, consultancy and comprehensive system assessments to produce customised architectural health check reports. In addition to this, Thom is also heavily involved in the PostgreSQL community answering questions relating to feature use, configuration and performance, testing new feature patches, getting involved in development discussions, producing patches for PgAdmin (popular open source PostgreSQL front-end GUI) and helping organise the main European PostgreSQL conferences.

Thom Brown, Apr 08, 2016
This is part 2 in a 4 part blog series on improvements coming in PostgreSQL 9.6 Part 1 - Horizontal Scalability  Join Pushdown Sort ...
Thom Brown, Apr 01, 2016
In my previous blog post about horizontal scalability changes in PostrgreSQL 9.6, I covered pushing sorts and joins to the remote ...
Thom Brown, Mar 25, 2016
PostgreSQL 9.6 is shaping up to be an impressive release, so I thought I'd try to summarise some of the big features and improvements that it will bring. This certainly won't ...
Thom Brown, Nov 20, 2014
Documentation is crucial to the success of any software program, particularly open source software (OSS), where new features and functionality are added by many contributors. Like any OSS, PostgreSQL needs to produce accurate, consistent and reliable documentation to guide contributors’ work and reflect the functionality of ...

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