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EnterpriseDB is both vigorous and proud of our continuous support of the PostgreSQL community. The resources provided here are designed to optimize and accelerate your evaluation and adoption of open source based database software based on PostgreSQL.  

In addition to the resources we provide directly we also support the PostgreSQL open source database project and greater community at large in a variety of ways.  Use the Resource pages to become more proficient and the Community pages to explore additional community resources of interest.

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White Papers and Data Sheets

EnterpriseDB promotes community education through a vibrant ecosystem of solutions, industry thought leaders, partners and customers. Use the left hand navigation menu to access white papers that provide context and practices for using Postgres Plus open source database products and Data Sheets that provide helpful details on EnterpriseDB's products, services, and partner programs. View Postgres Plus White Papers; View Analyst White Papers; View Product, Subscription, Oracle Migration, and Packaged Services Data Sheets

Webcasts and Videos

If you prefer a more conversational or narrative approach to learning then check out our streaming content. These presentations provide valuable, easily digestible information on a broad range of topics related to PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB products.

Tutorials and Quick Starts

EnterpriseDB's free tutorials are designed to show you the basic tasks of working with the open source database in multiple operating system environments. Use the Tutorials link in the left hand navigation menu to access step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring, and performing various tasks with PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus on the most popular operating systems.



PostgreSQL Related Community Projects

The vibrant and active nature of the PostgreSQL community is evidenced by it's rich collection of sister projects many of which are sponsored by major organizations.  EnterpriseDB distributions of PostgreSQL contain many of these projects and extensions that provide enterprise ready capabilities to your organization. Use the left hand navigation menu to explore related open source projects like pgAdmin, GridSQL, and PostGIS.