Postgres Plus® Quick Tutorials - HP-UX

In evaluating Postgres Plus, you may be considering a new operating system platform too. In new environments it helps to get past the fundamentals and into the productive part of your evaluation as quickly as possible. EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Quick Tutorials are designed to show you the basic tasks of working with the open source database in multiple operating system environments.

This EnterpriseDB tutorial helps you install and learn basic operations for the Postgres Plus Advanced Server database solution in an HP-UX environment. Specific topics covered include how to: Install Postgres Plus Advanced Server, Check if the database server is up and running, Stop and Start the database server, Edit a database server configuration file setting, Activate a new configuration setting without stopping the database server, Use the interactive SQL tool with the database server, Create a new database, Create 2 tables, Add data to the tables, Perform a join query returning data from the 2 tables, Create a text based dump of the database, and Restore the database from a text based dump.