Postgres in Production - Enterprise Best Practices

Thursday, May 29, 11:00am EDT

This presentation offers a unique lens into the kinds of issues many enterprises face when deploying Postgres applications in production and scaling for growth. By supporting hundreds of production Postgres installations worldwide, EDB is uniquely qualified to share insights about how enterprises use Postgres today and best practices when planning for the future. 

Based on EDB’s empirical data, the webinar identifies problems that Postgres users typically encounter, and offers recommendations and best practices for avoiding those problems in your production Postgres deployments.

Marc Linster, SVP of Products & Services explores a broad cross-section of enterprise Postgres deployments to identify key usage patterns and reveals important aspects of performance, scalability, and availability including:

  • Challenges organizations encounter most frequently during the stages of database development, deployment and maintenance
  • Tuning parameters used most frequently to improve performance of production databases
  • Frequently problematic database maintenance processes and configuration parameters
  • Most commonly-used database back-up and recovery strategies

You will gain useful insights about how peer organizations are developing, deploying and supporting production Postgres databases, and will learn some best practices for preparing for deployment or growth.

Who should attend?
This presentation is geared toward DBAs, enterprise data architects, and IT managers who are responsible for Postgres-based applications. It is equally suitable for organizations using community PostgreSQL as well as EDB’s Postgres Plus product family.

Webcast Author: 
Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services
1 Hour