Customer Success Stories

Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Powers Energy System on EDB Postgres

In 2014, the Daiwa Institute of Research (DIR) Business Innovation Ltd. implemented a new Energy Management System (EMS). The system required the large capacity and high level of reliability similar to a social media infrastructure. However, at the same time, the company had to monitor costs as if it were a startup. The Company chose EDB Postgres™ from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) in order to satisfy these conflicting demands for enterprise-class capabilities at a low cost as it planned for major expansion. 

One of the foremost think tanks in Japan, Daiwa Institute of Research (DIR) Business Innovation is a member of the Daiwa Institute of Research Group and has developed systems integration projects over a wide...

KT Corporation Powers IoT Services with EDB Postgres

A successful proof of concept for one application led to the widespread deployment of the EDB Postgres™ Platform from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) at KT Corporation, South Korea’s largest telephone services and broadband provider. EDB Postgres processed 30,000 orders for a new iPhone in the first 60 seconds. Based on that outcome and others that followed, KT Corporation went on to deploy EDB Postgres on what are now 130 high-performance, mission-critical systems. That includes several new Internet of Things (IoT) services that KT Corporation has rolled out as it takes a leadership role in the region’s delivery of such new technologies. 

Major infrastructure upgrades and new service...

Ericsson Integrates EDB Postgres to Increase Performance and Lower Costs

Ericsson powers some of the world’s largest and most complex video platforms, and helps the world’s strongest content brands to deliver personalized, high-quality programming to consumers 24/7. Ericsson’s products, services and insights enable broadcasters, content creators and content owners across cable, satellite and telecoms to accelerate their transformation towards TV in the Networked Society.

Ericsson’s Media Vision predicts the convergence of media and telecoms will result in 26 billion connected devices globally by the year 2020, ushering in
 a new era of entertainment and connectivity. As the TV and media industry transform, Ericsson is partnering with service providers worldwide to drive this...

Clear Capital: Shrinking Oracle Costs with EDB Postgres is ‘Priceless’

Clear Capital leads the nation in providing residential and commercial real estate valuations, data and analytics, quality assurance services and technology solutions. The company, based in Reno, Nev., supports mortgage lenders and services providers, investors, government-sponsored enterprises and ratings agencies with collateral risk assessments. 

The company at its foundation is data driven. It manages information on about 122 million properties and information on 15 million appraisals. The company’s data represents more than 90% of the total properties in the US. In all, there are 15 billion valuations in the company’s database. 

One of Clear Capital’s primary products is the Home Data Index...

PinkRoccade Migrates Government Cloud to Postgres Plus

Municipal budgets have been under pressure. They must do more with less money so IT managers are looking for alternative database solutions to control their IT costs. PinkRoccade Local Government helps communities develop all cloud-based applications based on Postgres Plus Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB (EDB).

Local governments rely on a range of different applications to manage data, from property information to utilities to law enforcement. But all of the applications must be able to share data and they must be cost effective. Compounding the challenge facing municipalities is expanding data loads, which are growing by 10% per year. This is driving up costs, both for data management and storage.